Arina Amalina Md Latif

Investment Director

Arina Amalina serves as an Investment Director at our Kuala Lumpur office, bringing a wealth of expertise and international experience to her role. A native of Malaysia, Arina received her education both in Malaysia and England, enriching her global perspective and academic credentials.

Before joining Navis in 2014, Arina honed her skills in the Investment Division of Khazanah Nasional, where she made significant contributions to various sector teams, including Iskandar, Agriculture, and QFII. Her tenure at Khazanah Nasional further solidified her reputation as a strategic thinker and investment expert.

Arina is a distinguished alumna of the London School of Economics, graduating with First Class Honours in Actuarial Science. Her academic achievements are complemented by her status as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, underscoring her commitment to excellence and professionalism in the field of finance.

With her extensive experience and exceptional qualifications, Arina plays a pivotal role in driving investment strategies and delivering superior returns for our clients. Her strategic insights and analytical prowess position her as a key asset within our organization, contributing to our continued success in the dynamic world of finance.

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Arina Amalina Md Latif