Care@Home Package

Bringing you a comprehensive stay-at-home Recovery Plan for Covid-19, with our Home Care Buddy


Not all COVID-19 positive cases need hospitalisation.

If you have been tested COVID-19 positive and identified as CATEGORY 1 patient, your doctor will likely recommend you to self-isolate.

With our Care@Home package, you can recuperate at the comfort of your home and receive support from our nursing and medical team.

Package Includes:

  • 10 days home monitoring, education and support by Home Care Buddy
  • 1 x Fit-to-Work assessment by Occupational Health Doctor upon completion of 10 days home surveilance
  • Complimentary Care@Home Monitoring Support Kit
  • 1 unit of non-touch infrared thermometer
  • 1 unit of Sp02 Oximeter
  • 1 bottle of Vitamin C (30 tablets)
Clinical Needs
  • Monitoring of vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation levels
  • Monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Fit-to-work assessment by Occupational Health doctor upon completion of home surveillance (on the 11th day)
Education and Awareness

Our Home Care Buddy will work along with you and your family members to educate on the following:

  • Do’s and don’ts during the isolation period
  • Roles and responsibilities of the caregiver
  • The process of surface cleaning, sanitising the room, waste disposal, etc.
  • Patient’s personal hygiene and protection
  • Red alerts to notify the physician
  • Use of Home Monitor Support Kit
Support Services
  • In case of any worsening conditions or any new development, our Home Care Buddy will guide you to the next level of treatment.

Terms and Conditions



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