Adeline Abdul Ghani

Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications

Adeline is a results-driven professional with a strong focus on mission-oriented marketing and communications within the healthcare sector. With a robust background spanning over 16 years, she possesses extensive expertise in crafting and executing comprehensive MARCOM strategies tailored to organizational objectives.

From conceptualization to implementation, Adeline adeptly develops and integrates MARCOM plans, ensuring alignment with overarching business goals. Leveraging her proficiency in business-to-consumer marketing, she drives strategic initiatives aimed at fostering business growth, optimizing content development, and maximizing brand visibility.

Through her strategic approach to integrated marketing communications, Adeline effectively engages target audiences, cultivates brand loyalty, and enhances market positioning. Her keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior enables her to deploy innovative strategies that yield tangible results and propel organizational success in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Adeline's unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to leverage the power of MARCOM as a driver of business growth underscore her invaluable contributions to the corporate realm.

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Adeline Abdul Ghani