Heatie Ilani Ismail


Heatie Ilani brings over 15 years of extensive experience in spearheading procurement operations within the corporate sector and oil and gas industry. Their diverse background includes managing procurement across various sectors, encompassing both upstream and downstream activities in the oil and gas value chain. Heatie has demonstrated proficiency in navigating the complex supply chain dynamics inherent to these industries, successfully sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and implementing efficient procurement practices tailored to the unique requirements of each sector.

Heatie's proven track record underscores their ability to generate significant cost savings while upholding stringent standards of quality, compliance, and ethical procurement practices. They have a keen eye for identifying opportunities for process improvement and innovation, driving continuous enhancement across procurement operations. Heatie's leadership skills, coupled with their deep industry knowledge and collaborative approach, make them a valuable asset in driving procurement excellence and contributing to overall organizational success.

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Heatie Ilani Ismail