Selvamalar V Chelliah


Ms. Selvamalar is a seasoned nursing professional with an impressive 35-year tenure in the field. She began her career by training as a State Registered Nurse at the esteemed Tun Tan Cheng Lock School of Nursing from 1983 to 1986. Her commitment to patient care was evident from the outset, as she seamlessly transitioned into a role as a care aid at Tung Shin Hospital while awaiting her results. Her exemplary service quickly earned her promotion to staff nurse status, followed by sponsorship for midwifery training.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Selva has garnered extensive experience in various facets of nursing, with a notable 10-year tenure in the Labour Room. Her proficiency extends beyond clinical practice; she is well-versed in MSQH accreditation processes, having successfully managed four cycles and demonstrating proficiency with the latest edition.

Despite her administrative responsibilities, Ms. Selva remains deeply rooted in clinical practice, maintaining a hands-on approach and actively engaging with patients and staff. Her comprehensive expertise and unwavering dedication underscore her invaluable contributions to the healthcare profession. 

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Selvamalar V Chelliah